Introducing SourceAgain

SourceAgain is the world's leading decompiler for Java class files. Unlike previous attempts at decompilation technology, SourceAgain is able to correctly analyze and decompile even the most complex Java control flow, producing correct, re-compilable Java almost every time. See what the press is saying about SourceAgain!

SourceAgain Professional can help you find your bugs faster! SourceAgain Professional creates new classfiles with debugging information, so you can step through source code in your favorite debugger WITHOUT recompiling. Finding bugs with third-party components has never been easier. SourceAgain Professional also integrates into most popular IDEs.

A more detailed description of SourceAgain's unique capabilities is available. You can also find out more about SourceAgain by reading our White Paper or our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

SourceAgain is available in three forms:

Product Description
SourceAgain PC Personal The standalone class file decompiler for Win95/NT
SourceAgain PC Professional SourceAgain PC Personal plus an integrated decompilation tool for most popular Java development environments
SourceAgain UNIX The command-line version of SourceAgain for UNIX


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